LRSD Video Montage

We are planning on putting together a video montage before the New Year.  If you want to be in the montage then we are going to need your help.

First thing is first we are going to need everyone to get familiar with the COD: Black Ops theater. Even the dumbest computer people should be able to figure out the Black Ops theater, they made it so simple even a caveman can do it.

Secondly we are going to need you to go back into your last 100′s games and find some clips that you actually killed shit and played well.  For some of you finding video of yourself playing good in your last 100 games is going to feel impossible but keep trying.

So finally after hours of searching you find a few clips that make you look like you have some skill.  What you will need to do is cut up the clips and upload the videos to your file share. Then you will notify Gymbo and Takedown that you actually have some footage worth watching.

Frequently Asked Dumb Questions

I don’t have a capture card so how can I record my games?

You don’t need a capture card device.  Black Ops actually records your last 100 games.

I can’t get a lot of kills so how can I put together a solid 30 seconds of action?

Don’t worry that’s why video editing was created, it can make anyone look good.

How will you be able to get everyone into the same video?

Don’t worry about it.  Just put your clips in the file share.