LRSD Gears Up For Playoffs

call-of-duty3Not many teams took the LRSD serious but now the LRSD is slowing gaining the respect it deserves.   After knocking off several top teams during the regular season people in the gaming community finally had to admit “Hey these guys are pretty darn good.”

We are at the final two weeks of the regular season and the LRSD is currently 15th overall and riding an 11 game win streak. We caught up with TakedownSpecial to ask him his thoughts on playoffs.

Takedown said “It’s all about playing your best at the right time.  It’s single elimination so its going to come down to who doesn’t want to go home the most. One things for sure I know the LRSD doesn’t want to go home. ”

How far can the LRSD go in the playoffs? Will they be a threat to take home the title? One thing is for sure I wouldn’t count them out.

Chaos Among the Ranks

All I know right now is that there is just total chaos through out the Bravo/Charlie/Delta scene. (Delta? Yea I just found out there is a Delta) One of these guys should should definitely get on here and explain what is going on.  For some strange reason Bobby Shadow and GrimPunisher were given leadership of Delta Team.

1 v 1 Tourney

Please finish your games already!  If you guys don’t finish any games by this weekend then the tournament will be declared incomplete.  I’ll put a link to the most updated version of the bracket. Just get your damn games finished.

Click Here For Latest Bracket

Bobby Shadow vs Feccy J

The match up we all have been waiting for is here.  Feccy J will square off against his rival “The Future of the LRSD” Bobby Shadow.  These two really hate each other and want nothing more then to destory one another. Some say Feccy J is scared Bobby Shadow will one day replace him in the Alpha Team starting lineup.  Others say Bobby Shadow is no where nearly as skilled as Feccy and this is just hyped up nonsense created by Mad Dog and GymboSlice. One things for sure.. There will be tons of drama… So stay tuned.