LRSD Fights I Results


Gymbo vs Mugze

Gymbo came out early scored an takedown and that was pretty much the end of Mugze.  Mugze couldn’t get off his back and Gymbo dominated him with strikes from the mount.  Then Gymbo took his back and sunk in the choke for the easy victory.  Mugze looked out of place in his first fight and hopefully he can bounce back against lesser competition in the future.

Takedown vs Battojin


Takedown and Battojin fought a three round war.  Takedown controlled the fight on the ground and eventually wore out the much larger Battojin and got the KO. Battojin showed he is going to be a solid contender for the title and he will look to bounce back from this loss in his next fight versus Feccy J.

Wooshy vs Jigsaw

Magic Wooshy aka “The Replacement Killer” took the fight with Jigsaw on short notice. Jigsaw came out strong and was giving Wooshy a beating.  Jigsaw was in the guard of Magic Wooshy and was teeing off on Magic’s skull. Then some how Wooshy was able grab a hold of Jigsaw’s arm and secure an arm bar.  It was a shocking upset a lot of people had Jigsaw winning this fight easy by TKO.

Feccy J vs Paco

This was the main event of the evening and it did not disappoint. It was a close back and fourth battle but Feccy J seemed to get the better of Paco in the first two rounds.  Feccy J at one point almost secured a kimura but Paco managed to escape and battle back.  Some may argue that Paco should of won the fight but thats not the way the judges saw it.  All three judges scored the bout 29-28 all in favor of Feccy J.