LRSD Back in Action – Black Ops Style

Hi guys it’s Gymbo here again with another LRSD ACTION update.  First of all I’d like to say Welcome Back and it’s good to see a lot of old timers back in action once again. I’m sure we’ll all be getting a lot of games in together and preparing for yet another successful Call of Duty campaign.

So far theres not much to report other then the Black Ops servers are sucking right now but thats to be expected when a new game launches.  So if you didn’t get to play any games with a lot of the LRSD guys yet don’t worry.  Other then the servers being terrible right now what do you guys think of the game so far? (Please leave your comments on this post.)

For those interested in taking their gaming to the next level the Gamebattles teams will be starting up shortly.  Just be patient, rank up and enjoy the game.