JigSaW apologises

    Recently i have taken actions, and made decisions that were not so favorable to the LRSD. After many members of Bravo Team were promoted to Alpha, I was left pretty much teamless. I took it upon myself, to start another gamebattles team, completely separate from the LRSD and continue to do GameBattles matches. I went about this pretty sneakily as some would say, and I upset quite a few people.
    I realize now, after talking with some LRSD members, that my actions and attitude quite frankly “suck”. I neglected my obligations to the team as a leader, council member, and reporter. Instead of focusing my attention, loyalty, determination, and motivation on making The LRSD, the best team that i possibly could, I put all of that into myself, and as you have all heard before… ” There is no I in Team”
    And for all of this drama, and flat out bulls**t, i have caused the team, and for those who feel betrayed by what I have done, I know what I deserve for it, yet i come to you immensely humbled with my most sincere apology.