What is the Fun -N- Gun?

fun-n-gunAre you wondering “What the hell is the Fun -N- Gun?”

The Fun -N- Gun is the tactical approach used by Delta Team (aka. Bobby Shadow & Company).  Some may argue that the Fun -N- Gun is not very smart or tactical but Bobby Shadow would say “What hell do you know?!?!”

The whole point of the Fun -N- Gun strat is to get the other team off balance and out of position then BOOM that’s where the FUN begins. Next thing the other team knows BOOM!!! They’ve just been Fun -N- Gunned!!!

Some may get it confused with the Run and Gun but it is completely different.

Bobby Shadow explains “People try and confuse our style with the Run -N- Gun but its not like that.  We are smart on the attack and we don’t rush in like idiots… I don’t think there is a team out there that executes the Fun -N- Gun like Delta Team.. Once the Fun -N- Gun begins its hard to stop us.. ”

GrimPunisher said “First we try to open up a solid lead and then we unleash what we like to call the Fun -N- Gun upon them… All I can say is when I’m Fun -N- Gunning, Delta Team is unstoppable..”

Do you think Bravo Team is ready for the Fun -N- Gun attack? I’m not sure if Battojin’s slow paced offense is ready for something like the Fun -N- Gun..  I guess only time will tell!!

Which attack is better: “The Element of Surprise” or “The Fun -N- Gun?”

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