Feccy J (15) vs Bobby Shadow (7): What Happen?

feccy-j-vs-bobby-shadow1The battle we were all waiting for finally took place the other night. Bobby Shadow vs Feccy J was a great fight and so far no one quit the LRSD after the battle.  Feccy J put an end to all the Bobby Shadow “The Future” hype by disposing of him by a score of 15-7.

Feccy J said afterward “Yea!! Thats what happens to bad kids.. They get spanked…”

The battle started off with Bobby Shadow getting the first kill but then Feccy J answered with 9 straight kills which pretty much put an end to all the Bobby Shadow hype.  Bobby Shadow showed a lot of heart and fought hard to the end but I guess the future isn’t now.  After the battle the verbal war still continued and Bobby Shadow vowed he would get his revenge.

Watch the Battle yourself below:

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StarNards Gets OverDosed

In another battle from the 1v1 tournament OverDose defeats StarNards in dominating fashion.  OverDose handed out a beating and StarNards should take some time to let the wounds heal.  I would give you guys the score but I can’t seem to remember what it was. Anyway..  OverDose moves on to face the Great Pariah.

Pariah Searches For Skills

After his loss to TakedownSpecial, Pariah decided to take a trip to London to search for his skills.  Reports are Pariah has returned from London and his mission was a success.  Who knows how Pariahs skills ended up in London but thankfully they are back and Pariah can stop putting up 007’s in Game Battles.   Hopefully for his sake this will help him in his upcoming battle versus OverDose.

Bracket Update

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