Feccy Folds Under Pressure

Breaking News from Empreza:

Feccy J goes MIA and leaves his team after a loss in practice.  It started when Feccy came joined into a public match with Takedown, Empreza and some potential recruits.  Feccy came into the game with a 29 game win streak and put it on the line.  Feccy figured he could carry the bad kids on his back and achieve victory without the rest of his LRSD teammates.

The game started up and it was a close battle.  Feccy J was getting a little flustered he hasn’t been in a close game in a while and the pressure was starting to get to him.  Feccy J broke down and started yelling “We’re losing.. How are we losing.. I can’t believe we are losing..”

As the story goes Feccy sounded like a little girl crying and it damaged the moral of his team costing them the game and his own win streak. Feccy stormed out of the game wasn’t heard from till later that night.

Empreza was available for comment after the game and he has this to say: “Feccy wouldn’t stop screaming like a girl… He kept yelling for help.. Cover me.. I’m Feccy.. Do you know who I am… We couldn’t believe the way Feccy was acting.  This kid has not learned his lesson and if this continues he could become a real problem.  Right now Feccy is the Terrell Owens of the team he needs to change his tune.”

We also caught up with Gymboslice and he had just heard the news himself.  Gymbo said “I am not surprised.  I have no further comments.”

Hopefully Feccy J can bounce back and learn from his mistakes.  The LRSD is a team and no one is better then the team.