Daily LRSD Drama

Paf and Nards Get the Boot from Charlie Team?


As Pafinator and StarNards woke up Tuesday morning they were surprised to see themselves cut from Charlie Team.  Pafinator said “I was surprised to see that Nards and I got booted from Charlie Team.  Considering the fact we carried the team on our back almost every game.  I wondered how they could justify cutting their two best players.”

Why would OverDose and Im Hiigh do such a thing? Did the council approve these roster decisions?

To really heat things up JigSaw reached out to ask Pafinator and StarNards to join forces with the Bravo Team. Paf and Starnards agreed and basically said they want nothing more then to destroy Charlie Team.

JigSaw said “I don’t know why Charlie Team would cut two quality players like that.. Especially right before the Bravo vs Charlie Game. I will gladly give these guys a position on Bravo Team.  Wow!! OverDose and Im Hiigh are just plain stupid…”

(Charlie Team is 2-5 since they cut Pafinator and StarNards..)

I can’t believe the leaders of Charlie Team would cut two LRSD veterans off their roster like they were garbage. We will see if this comes back to haunt them.

It seems to me that the battle of Bravo vs Charlie has already begun!!

NLB Member Picks a Fight with Pariah

For some strange reason a member from Nobody Left Behind started a fight with Pariah. Why would someone attack a member on the LRSD roster when there were probably several leaders online? Who knows?  Here is the conversation below:

NLB Member(1:28:20 AM): ur team must be special to challenge us when we have a match
Pariah (1:28:35 AM): …why are you messaging me
NLB Member (1:28:53 AM): cuz ur team is so smart they challenged us when we got a match wait 20 mins
Pariah (1:29:00 AM): who cares
Pariah (1:29:16 AM): its a game stop wasting my time
NLB Member (1:29:31 AM): ur wasting your own kid we will challenge in 15-20
Pariah (1:29:43 AM): …idc
Pariah (1:29:49 AM): kid
Pariah (1:29:52 AM): lol
Pariah (1:30:59 AM): f***in girl lol
Pariah (1:31:05 AM): peace son
NLB Member (1:31:32 AM): ur such a lil bi*ch to challenge us when we got a match we will see whos the girl when they are screaming cuz they lost kid
Pariah (1:31:43 AM): lol yes i challenged you
Pariah (1:31:53 AM): right exactly
Pariah (1:32:09 AM): it was me…who hasnt been on in three days…who is a member has challenged you
Pariah (1:32:11 AM): girl
NLB Member (1:32:29 AM): go cry some more
Pariah (1:32:42 AM): like you?…girl
Pariah (1:33:51 AM): so tell me. which ones you in your profile? that fat bi*ch or the ugly fag?
NLB Member (1:34:09 AM): the fat ugly fag would rip u a new a** like u like it
Pariah (1:34:24 AM): ugly fags would talk about rippin my a** hole
Pariah (1:34:27 AM): silly fag
Pariah (1:35:12 AM): but if you want to rip or even touch my a** hole you would have to peddle your fat ugly b**ch a** over to philly and do your best.
Pariah (1:35:37 AM): if not…f**k yourself and that ugly transgendered wench in your profile picture
NLB Member (1:35:58 AM): you will be screaming in 20 mins
Pariah (1:36:23 AM): are you seriously coming onto me? i mean…dude we just met

Strangely enough NLB never returned the challenge or contacted any of the LRSD leaders. I guess they never really wanted to play the LRSD anyway.

Note: Maybe one day the LRSD leaders will promote Pariah so he will be able to challenge other teams..