Code Talker

Some sort of new code dialogue was discovered in the LRSD last night. No body knows its origin. A long with that, all but one knew how to speak it and what it means. This new “Code Language” was used by Empreza during a Search and Destroy game. It was only one phrase but it was definitely foreign to the LRSD. The phrase was ” Seeker Bomb In Tower”. No body had any idea what it meant. Half the team thought Empreza was quoting Harry Potter. We have expert code breakers trying to decipher the phrase. Empreza still hasn’t said what it actually meant. We are trying to get it out of him but he wont give in. Other than the SnD game Gymbo did say he heard Empreza and Razor mumbling something in the back breaking game. Rumor has it that they used the code language to take Gymbo out without him knowing. This has not yet been proven. We will keep you up to date on the subject.