Bravo Team v2.1

Is it the amazing ability of Jigsaw to spot pure talent? Is it his desire to form the second greatest team theLRSD has ever seen, or is it his secret desire to one day be calling the shots as LRSD leader? Maybe… but for now it was pure luck.

To make a long story short, Jigsaw was browsing the forums on the GB W@W home page, when he spotted a cry for help from two guys who were on their knees begging to become part of an elite team. Jigsaw decided to give them a shot, and brought them into a Bravo – Charlie scrim. They knew nothing of the LRSD’s strategies or who they were even really playing with for that matter. They went in and nobody knew what hit them. The pleaded with Jigsaw to be a part of the Clan and he decided to give them the Ceremonial Initiation, and heres how it went down…

First up was Fatality he got a Team Deathmatch on Makin. He picked his weapon class and headed out into the unknown and…. BAM the kid went 34-5… Unbelievable! I have to check with the powers that be on this one guys but im pretty sure that may be the 2nd place record for initiation.

Second went Elite Killer. Team Deathmatch on Castle. The members of Bravo Team gave him a few words of encouragement (dont die), and like mother bird, kicked him out of the nest on his own. He also put up pretty impressive numbers going 11-5.

These two new initiates have been playing together for quite a while, and it is going to be very interesting to see what they bring to Team Bravo.

So as it stands the roster looks like this, and this may be final.

  • Jigsaw
  • Chub
  • Paco
  • Grim Punisher
  • Eat Snipe
  • Fatality
  • Elite Killer
  • Bobby Shadow (IR/Backup)
  • JMD Snipes (backup)
Please note… This is not the starting GB roster as that is yet to be Determined.
Stay tuned for more Bravo Team news