Bore Concedes Defeat! Gymbo Wins Again..

After a one month lay off Gymbo returns to Madden and hands it to Bore.  Bore has been preparing for a rematch with Gymbo in for a long time and he has preparing himself for this day since the last time Gymbo defeated him.  Gymbo really didn’t want to take this match again because there hasn’t been a competitive game between him and Bore ever.  Bore has been running his mouth for a while so Gymbo finally gave in and came out of retirement and gave Bore once last chance at the Champ.

Gymbo struggled early and showed some ring rust but he got through it and showed why he was the better player.  Gymbo gift wrapped 2 ints for Bore and he also handed him a fumble but Bore didn’t know what to do with all the turnovers.  Gymbo proved he can overcome any situation and still dominate. At one point it looked like Bore had a chance when the score was 21-17 but that sliver of hope was soon crushed by Gymbo.  After 14 unanswered points by Gymbo and another touchdown on the horizon, Bore threw in the towel.

This was the closest Bore had come at defeating the great Gymboslice and I got a feeling this is probably the closet he will ever come.