Bobby Shadow & Co. Get First Victory!!

Falcon & JewBacca Clutch Delta to Victory

A new team has come together this season and already won their first game. It was a four v. four on hanger and dome. This article is mainly a congratulation article for those who played like Grim, JKFalcons, and Jewbacca. With two inexperienced and two experienced Gamebattlers we did well; we won on Hanger 4-2 and on Dome 4-1. Each member (except me) played a very large part of our victory against DR3D.


JKFalcons: Although he is a new recruit and very new to Gamebattles had a big clutch for us in a hanger match. Falcons had a three on one and you could tell he was nervous but came out big. He originally watched B and killed one in the building at the exit of B and noticed Grim and just died from A. He went over to A through the jump over side and went up a flight of stairs knifing one guy in the back and was left with just a one on one. He stayed by A and found the last guy leaving the hanger in the back about to enter the right side of A and Falcons put a nice clip of MP40 into his chest. After the clutch Falcons later said “I didn’t know how affective I was going to be with my pants off.” He had the other team crying over a 3 to 1 clutch. Good Game Falcons.

Jewbacca: Also a fairly new recruit and new to Gamebattles had a three to one clutch himself. This also happened at hanger, and this time it was a little harder. He began attacking A with me and Falcons and I went into the building boom dead, then Falcons followed boom also dead, it was just left up to Jewbacca. He was at the left end of the hanger behind a thing of barrels and had guys all around him, one of them came straight on and was killed then one came behind him, using his turtle beaches he turned around and killed him, then went over to his body and picked up his type 100. He went back to his same place and just waited. His turtle beach sensing went off again and the one on one turned out to be a drop-shot battle, first the other guy dropped and then did Jew; Jew using the type 100 domed the other guy for the 4-2 win. Jew then came into the lobby chanting “Clutch, Clutch, Clutch.” Congrats Jew and keep up the good work.

Grim: One of the first of the LRSD and a very experienced Gamebattler had a big win to put away our second match and our 4-1 win to end Dome. It started off as Grim doing what he does best and that’s making his camping place more like a home. We were on offense and he went straight up the right side went through the B bomb area and killed one guy making his way to his favorite place with the bomb and just waited. As he starts to make a move downstairs he hears someone climb up the ladder and turned and put the guy were he belonged; in the spectator seat. Now it’s a one on one and Grim goes to the B bomb and plants. By this time he had used his radar and knew the where about of the last guy. The last guy also was aware of where grim was and gassed him. As a last resort he went into the corner and prayed. As an idiot the other guy runs in and gets himself gassed;  by that time grim was back to normal and killed the Jugger using bitc*. Grim came in to the lobby being calm and collect and answered with a good game to the other team. Good game like always and keep it up.

So I just wanted to say congratulation to the guys who played this match and I hope we can keep this one win streak going and turn it into a 20 win streak. As for me in those games I did as bad as Mad Dog normally does and finished at the bottom with 3 kills and 4 deaths each game. I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress and the more wins that will come.

Stay Tuned!!

Bobby Shadow