Around the LRSD

Alpha Scrimmages Bravo

Alpha and Bravo Team scrimmaged the other night and Alpha won 3 games to 2.  Bravo was impressive and fought very hard.  They won 2 of the 5 maps the teams played in the scrimmage but lost the 5 game series 3-2.  Bobby Shadow was the star of the show and he managed to snipe 4 LRSD Alpha Members in 1 round. Iconz said “I was most impressed with Bobby Shadow and I think he’s going to be really good.” Some people might wondering if Bravo is really that good or did Alpha Team hand them a couple games.

14 Game Win Streak

LRSD Alpha is currently riding a 14 game win streak in there Game Battles Season.  LRSD Alpha currently holds a record of 28-7.  During the win streak they have defeated the 5th, 80th and 110th overall ranked Game Battles Teams. The streak also contains a win over LRSD Bravo in Game Battles by a score of 2-0.  The streak has been a great team effort and congrats to everyone involved.  Lets see how long this can continue.

Bravo Challenges Alpha on Game Battles

After the scrimmage some of the LRSD Bravo members felt very confident that they could beat LRSD Alpha in a real match.  So they went out and challenged the Alpha Team on Game Battles and paid the price.  Scrimmages and Game Battles are two totally different things and Bravo learned that lesson the hard way.  Scrimmages are nothing more then a glorified practice but when it comes to Game Battles Alpha Team turns up their intensity a couple notches.  Bravo witnessed this by getting smacked down 2-0.  This may be why A comes before B in the alphabet.  (Scoreboard: Game 1: 4-2, Game 2: 4-0).

LRSD Alpha Recruits

LRSD Alpha would like to introduce their new recruits RandyMCteig III, Cakefarts13 and ChopstiX McGee.  Alpha Team is kinda like the New York Yankees, they just keep stacking up the talent.  Randy McTeig and ChopstiX McGee are already making an impact on Alpha Team and have been playing with the Alpha Team during this 14 game win streak. CakeFarts will probably get some playing time later this week.

One vs One Tournament

LRSD will be hosting its first ever 1 vs 1 tournament.  Top prize is rumored to include a capture card. The tournament will take place later this month and it will take place over a couple weeks time.  It will be a single elimination tournament and the brackets will be created at random.  Everyone in the LRSD is eligible to compete.  Even the great Mad Dog will be entering.   Contact Gymboslice if you want to be a part of history.

Charlie Team Wants Rematch

Rumblings of a rematch with Bravo Team have been started up again by HighFive.  He claims that his absence was the major reason why Charlie Team lost to Bravo Team.  HighFive said he wants control of Charlie and another shot at Bravo Team.  He feels with a couple line up changes Charlie could beat Bravo.  Not many members of the LRSD feel a rematch is needed.  Who knows if Charlie Team is even serious, this might just be another scam to try and get some media attention.