30 Day and Counting | Mad Dog for Hall of Fame

30 Days and Counting

Today is the day that most of you will start your count down till D-Day also known as Modern Warfare 2 day.  MW2 is the most anticipated game of this year. As of October 4, 2009 there has been over 2 million pre ordered copies of the game for both XBOX 360 and PS3.  We all know that its going to be a great game and that Team LRSD will be one of the games top competitors.  But, with that many people on XBOX Live and PlayStation Network we got to wonder if the servers will be able to hold that many people or will it have an epic fail.

Why Maddog should be  in the Hall of Fame

The great Maddog brought to my attention that he is not in the Hall of Fame because of rules created by the Hall of Fame committee.   There is one loop hole I have found that can in fact get Mad Dog into the Hall of Fame.  In LRSD Rule #3 it states that Mad Dog as the last say in everything and if that’s the case then Mad Dog should already be in the Hall of Fame.

In the last article their was a list of why he is not allowed this were the reasons.

1. Mad Dog has not been retired for more then 1 Game Battles Season

2. Video of Mad Dog Using Performance Enhanced Weapon

3. Video of Mad Dog Loosing His Cool in Battle

4. Mad Dog blooper video

These are the reasons why he should get in.

1.  Mad Dog is not aloud to to retire for a game battles season because he always have to carry his team.

2.  Their is no proof that Mad Dog had ever or will ever use Performance Enhanced Weapon why because he just dosen’t need them he is just that damn good.

3.  He just wouldn’t be Mad Dog if he wasn’t yelling and some bad kids.

So show your support for the Mad Dog and have him voted in to the hall of fame.

Hope to see you all on the battilefield

LI4th out

Note: Rule #3 may state “Mad Dog has the last say on everything” but The LRSD Hall of Fame is its on entity and Mad Dog currently is not a part of the committee which controls the Hall of Fame.  The LRSD Hall of Fame is not a part of the LRSD in fact it is seperate from the LRSD and was only created to honor the retired LRSD members.