Call of Tears : Black Ops II

The Greatest of All Time GymboSlice is back and recently returned to action the other night and did what he always does and thats dominate the game.  It was a rough first game but after that GymboSlice got his wheels in motion and by the 3rd game Gymbo was putting Mad Dog on his back and carrying him around the map like the good old days.  Despite winning and winning like Gymbo always do, he didn’t like what he saw the other night. It was mainly lots of crying and and very little teamwork

The Insane one, Caption Insano was crying “I’m bringing this game back to WalMart right now, Thank god its Open 24/7.” and Mad Dog was saying “I’m just gonna camp. Like I always do.”

Anyways, other then some tears it was a good night of action. Despite yet another unstoppable performance Gymbo plans on staying retired during the competitive season so for all you teams out there trying to offer me contracts and sponsors Gymbo said he’s sorry but he’s busy living the life and traveling the globe and busy living off the hype of being the Greatest ever.

Iso Ideas

Hey guys this is Iso again, I have some ideas that could make the team better.  This is my opinion, so don’t give me any shit about what I say just maybe make suggestions to them.  1.  when doing gb, i notice we only a snd team, so why are we doing team death match when we never practice it?  My opinion in this before we do a game mode in game battles we should at least be good at it.  2.  We need to practice set ups in practice.  I notice that when Captain I and mad dog tell someone to go somewhere they have no idea where the hell to go.  So my opinion we need to practice in private match and learn all the set ups and what to do if one person dies in the set up.  3.  Yelling during match, we should stop nerd raging during the match and save it for after the match.  this way we can keep a cool head and also keep the voice com open to listen for call outs.   4.  we should scrim agianst each other to practice set ups.  yes i know we could practice during gb but that could lead to us getting a lost.  why not practice agaisnt each other.  for example we had 8 players in the lobby, we could had captain I on one team and mad dog on the other to teach people set ups.  5.  give takedown a vaccine.  just saying he a great clutch player but is a chicken pussy sometimes.  6.  give me accuracy practice.  7.  People need to go to the spots they are told to go and not wander off.  I notice alot of team mates die bc someone is not in the spot their suppose to be.  Come on we practice it, dont freaking forgot everything you learn when we actually start a serious match.

This is all my opinions.  yes like I said its only an opinion so dont nerd rage at me.  hopefully my advice can be heard.  Yes I know this team is great and know alot of strats that I do not know but it doesnt mean we can try new things.  Ok Iso is out

LRSD is the best snd team in america. Period.

LRSD is one of the best, if not the best Search and Destroy team in America, if not the whole world. We have over 8 years of team chemistry, and that little extra sprinkle of amazing ish. I know some so called known teams could beg to differ but I know they know deep down behind them foggy glasses and metal braces that these erkles have no shot against us in search. I just had to let people know who the real kings of SnD are.


Proof is in the pudding, and in the picture. We ran the season last year till we decided we did not want too play anymore and gave it to some Carlton’s.

Through the eyes of Iso

We Came As Romans-Seeking, Searching, Reaching, Always

Yo Yo everyone whats up!! This is Isolation the newest pro rookie on the team.  First off before I tell you about my team experience so far let me talk about myself.  1.  I’m number 1     2.  respect rule number one.   3.  fav guns  ACR, MP5   4.  Gymboslice is my fan boy   5.  Hate kids with squeaky voice, if your balls havent drop better stay clear.  6.  Pretty chill guy.

Ok now lets get to the main point of this post.  What i think about the team.  I think the team is great, everyone is beast mode (well not better then me) and great team work so far.  Some things i learn on the way.  Mad dog, his name is no lie, if u fuck up he will get mad.  Gymbo slice, he loves being my fan boy.  Takedown, really great player but needs to play a little aggressive in my opinion.  And captain I, notice no one listens to his lectures im like man thats kinda sucks.

So thats my opinion.  I see myself being on the very top soon as the best player in LRSD.  I love to join sessions in progress so ya better hope im on ya team or say good bye to ur k/d.  Well peace out isolation gonna hop back on and own some scrubs.

The Chocolate Way

Hey guys its Chocolate, I have not made a post in awhile and I have not been around due to some differences at the studio. I been recording my new mixtape Lil C’s the road to redemption. It’s going good, hot fiya.  I been thinking the LRSD might need some changes in the way we name our members, yea some of our names are cool but we have to have nicknames its pretty much mandatory. So I been thinking of names for all of our members I will name a few here for now.

Gymboslice new nickname is Big Brotha

BlackerBerry is now Chocolate

Takedownspecial is now Gym Class Hero

Mad Dog is now The Bounty Hunta

Diaperdandy is now Eye Patch

Insano is now  Mr Complex

Breezy is now Young & Micless


Team LRSD is Back! 7-1

Hey guys!! Team LRSD is back in action with the new release of Modern Warfare 3.  A lot of the old timers are making their way back to the world of Call of Duty.  So far I’ve seen just about everyone you can think of from Jeffrosaw to old man Mad Dog.  The goal this season is just like any other year and thats to be the #1.

Game Battle Teams have been formed and so far the LRSD is off to a hot start. If you trying to get on the GB Team contact Insano or Takedown and they’ll see if you are ready to join the next 1st page team.  By the way Gymbo did step into battle and in his second game he pulled out an OT clutch kill to get the LRSD its first map in the match.  Just like old times Gymbo is undefeated when he takes the field in Game Battles.

There was some solid performances tonight by Mad Dog and certain rounds he did put the team on his back.  New recruit Isolation also stepped in and played great tonight and it looks like we are gonna see some great things out of him in the future.  Insano and Takedown performed well and both had great nights on the field of battle.  Even the man they call BlackerBerry showed up for a thrilling 3 round game and had some key kills that help the LRSD stay undefeated on the night.  Oh and of course I gotta mention that GymboSlice had a 1v1 clutch in the final game of the night.

The LRSD first crack at the GB ladder we have managed to pull to 7-1 with a 6 game win streak to get the FLAME!!

In other news DiaperDandy suffered an eye injury at the hands of TakedownSpecial and might miss at least a week of GB action.

BlackerBerry the Man the Myth the Legend

I am here, I am back, I am ready. Everybody better watch there heads cause I am coming out spraying my semi automatic rifle. If you are not part of the LRSD, your on  my to do list… and no that isnt no grocery list. Thats my I’m a kill you list. I do not play games, repeat I DO NOT PLAY GAMES… this is not a game to me. Laugh and get your head split, run and get knees lit, talk and get your jaw hit.

- BlackerBerry

Formula Cousin Since Day 1

It all started back in the Halo Era, back when the LRSD was called The Basement Brawlers….. yea new comers we were once called The Basement Brawlers once upon a time.  All the main guys of The LRSD are top notch players and been around since the beginning (Mad Dog, GymboSlice, Jeffrosaw, Takedownspecial, DiaperDandy, Magic Wooshy ( a.k.a Blackerberry), Empreza (aka. HipHopjunky), HighFive, BobBigCack, ManCubb, and Razor Head Just to name a few). So with that said some of the guys named are still not on active duty but they are on call and with a little wd-40 and some mad dog barks their rustiness should be gone pretty quick. the reason I am writing this is to talk about The Diaperdandy & Blackerberry combination called Formula Cousin. Some might underestimate the duo but usually when they do it leaves them swimming with the fishes….. no hyperbole.  Formula Cousin with a little bit of that Takedown sauce.. preferably hot not that baby mild ish. Take that and add alittle slice….Gymboslice to be exact and some of that Hard Knock Dog the one and only Mad Dog and once you have that…..add one other player anyone to fill in for the 6th spot and we would be unbeatable, some might debate this but I would Guarantee Victory over any other 6. Thats a Fact, but on another note Man Cub has been doing work and showing very dominant performances day in and day out, and his trash talking capabilities have also improved making him a heavy hitta. Shout outs to the rest of the LRSD all you guys do work, if you did not you would be kicked out of the clan.

The Unofficial Call of Duty Champions